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Free SPHR Certification Practice Questions:

During several weekly on-site safety inspections, a particular employee was documented as not wearing safety goggles while working with chemicals. However, he was wearing regular glasses. He has been warned several times by his supervisor of OSHA safety requirements. Which of the following statements is FALSE in this scenario?

A) The employer is responsible for this employee’s OSHA violation

B) The employer can discharge the employee immediately

C) If an accident were to occur due to this situation, the primary influence is an internal influence

D) The employer can attempt to resolve this problem by coming up with alternative safety measures

  • [Ans: C]

  • In this scenario, if an accident were to occur, the primary cause of the accident would be a human influence, the employee’s blatant disregard and negligence of the rules. Internal influences refer to influences internal to the work environment that may cause an accident.

    For example, the supervisor might require three times as much product in a time period as they did one year ago. Therefore, due to this new pressure, employees may be rushed and forget to follow all safety procedures.

    However, in this scenario, it is true that the employer is responsible for the employee’s OSHA violation, can discharge the employee immediately, and can attempt to come up with alternative safety measures. In this last case, the employer may look into safety goggles with built in prescriptions or other alternatives that may be more comfortable for the employee.

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